We used to think we could just “punch the clock” at the office in order to make the money we needed to live our “real life” outside of work. We thought when we went home, we left our work at the office.

This was an illusion.

We now know that human beings can’t compartmentalize in this way, and that a person’s career has more impact on their general wellbeing than perhaps anything else.

There is no separation of work from life. Even when we try our best to keep them apart, a stressful day instantly brings them crashing back together as we take out work frustrations on our family members.

Besides, where do you spend most of your waking hours? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that is easy: “At work.”

If we’re going to improve the quality of our lives, the most direct path is to improve the way we work.

But that’s not all.

Business is now the most powerful force on the planet.

Multinational corporations with more cash than the nations they span are now the norm, but the economic, environmental, and emotional impact of our current businesses are unsustainable on the good end of the spectrum and flat-out evil at the worst.

If we’re going to make the world a better place to live, the most direct path is to improve the way we work.


If we are going to solve the individual wellbeing problem, we have to fix business. 

To solve the world’s challenges, we have to fix business. 

Whether we’re talking about your life or about the future of the globe, saving the world is all about changing the way we work.

We need a work revolution.

This incredulous disconnect between “job” and “purpose” isn’t the best we can do.

If we can get work right, it could be one of the best parts of our lives.

Instead of what makes life suck, it could be the very thing that makes it great.

The world is indeed changing in fundamental ways, and though many people see chaos and storms on the horizon, what’s actually coming is something else:


The ways in which the world is changing are the very things that can show us a new way to work and a better way to live. The work revolution has already begun, and it will help us create businesses that are fulfilling and meaningful.



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